Millenium Pendant
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Millennium 2000

As we approached the new millennium
my thoughts were to create a design
that combines the years 1999 and 2000 in a very natural way.
Both years are important, being the last years of the old,
while ringing in the new millennium.
My design shows the combination of these two years,
intertwined in the shape of a living plant that is abloom.
The plant represents growth and hope for all mankind in the new millennium.
It also symbolizes life and food,
reminding us of the world wide farmers,
toiling in their fields by the sweat of their brows to feed us all.
So lets leave the seeds in our farmers' hands
to safeguard them within the laws of mother nature.

"Cherish our seeds for future generations."

That is the theme of my design for the new millennium.

Hartmut Reinsch
Canadian Goldsmith

Ladies' Millenium Ring with Diamonds
New / Neu

Millenium Pendant

Farmer with Horses

Celebrate Toronto in 2000!

Toronto 2000 Skyline

To celebrate the change of the millennium I have expressed my thoughts in this contemporary design of our Toronto Skyline with my especially designed Toronto 2000 Logo. It is made out of 14KT Gold and will be set in a frame. As a Limited Edition it will be numbered, From # 002 - #101 for the Year 2000 only. A unique and very unusual gift for a special family member, or friend. Also as a commemorative gift gesture for your clients or a special visitor from out of town or overseas.

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