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The Canadian Collection

All items on the Canadian jewellery page are made in 14kt gold. For all our Canada fans out there in the world, we suggest the "pmc", "pmdO3" with diamonds or "pmh" maple leaf pendants. As a collection piece with real meaning and to catch the spirit of our beautiful country, we offer the beautiful relief engraved pendant "ma125 ". Please read the poem I wrote below with that piece to explain my message for that symbol.

The gold nuggets are also hand made pieces in 14kt gold. For the item "The Spirit of the Eagle", a hand engraved "blue opal in matrix with boulder" Indian Chief's head with full feathers is shown. The opal carving is inlaid in a uniquely designed gold eagle with a brilliant cut diamond eye. This is a very special and heavy piece of fine jewellery "Fit for a real Indian Chief". The "ma125" medallion was designed and engraved by Hartmut Reinsch in 1992 for Canada's 125th birthday. Only 125 pieces from # 002-125 are being made in 14kt gold . Each piece will have an appraisal signed by the appraiser and the goldsmith. All medallions are engraved on the back with Limited Edition numbers.

Canadian Pendant
Canadian Pendant
Hand made nugget
with .10cts diamond
Canadian Pendant
Eagle casted
nugget hand made
Canadian Pendant
hand made nugget
indian head casted
Canadian Pendant
Canadian Pendant
Canadian Pendant
Canadian Pendant
Canadian Pendant
hand made nugget
with .10cts diamond
Canadian Pendant
Canadian Earrings
Canadian Pendant
Canadian Pendant
spirit of the eagle
47 grams
73mm X 50mm
Canadian Pendant
Custom made, ltd.
edition 125 years
#004 - #125
34mm diameter

A Symbol

Created in the Spirit of Freedom,
Symbolized by the Eagle,
of Canada's Ancient People
Merging to be One,
with the Maple Leaf,
our National Symbol.

Canada means this,
to so many of us Immigrants,
who Cherish the Natural Beauty,
and the Inner Peace of the Land,
in Harmony with the First Peoples,
as they are with Nature.

A Symbol

All 3 poems were written (and are ©) by Hartmut Reinsch. "A Symbol" was written to celebrate the 125th Birthday of Canada, in 1992. "Canada" was written originally in German for Heritage Day, 1983. Both poems are intended to promote the development of a better awareness and understanding among Canadians of every heritage.


From the Atlantic to the Pacific
A natural paradise of mountains and lakes
Land of freedom and the future
For all of our offspring: "Canada".

The maple leaf, our emblem and flag
Carried with honor: red, white and red.
Be proud of that with our children
here, where we earn our daily bread.

We have all immigrated
From many places in this world.
Through respect and acceptance of one another
We will grow strong together.

Tradition and heritage:
Customs, languages and religions
Pass them down to the children:
Our daughters and sons.

The values of their homeland
Every child should learn to prize,
But in pride of this country
They should call themselves Canadians.

Never deny your forefathers
Who they were or where they came from.
Remember in your heart what they stood for,
And what they have given you, my dear child.

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Kanada Poem

Hartmut Reinsch © 1999